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Term papers are the end of term essays which describe what a student has done during the term. After every term, a student has to submit a term paper according to which he or she is graded. Gradation depends mainly on the strength of the term paper. It describes in detail the original work done by the student during the term period. A term paper is different from the research paper. A term paper is usually demanded at the end of the term i.e. either a semester or a quarter whereas a research paper involves research work which may span several years.
Writing a term paper is a hectic procedure for most of the students. They remain in worry most of the time that how to write best term papers and get the highest of the grades. Certain guidelines or tips are provided by BME that help you to create high quality term papers. These tips are listed as under:

  • Choose your topic: The topic should be creative enough to impress your teacher. If allowed to choose all by yourself, try to have topics of your interest. Include those questions for which you already know the answers. If the topic is given to you, try to search its unique value points which make your term paper different from others.
  • Do your research: Research your topic for its background, its current scenario and all the points which are necessary for your topic. Develop new ways of looking at old problems. Use primary (original) as well as secondary (opinions) documentations.
  • Refine your term statement: Always pinpoint your research topic. Show your defending attitude always throughout the paper. After clarifying your statement, write your first draft. Remember that the draft is liable to change when you find new discoveries related to your topics.
  • Develop an outline of the paper: The development of an outline of the paper helps you to structure and frame the paper so that you would be clear where you are heading towards. An outline may include introduction, discussion sections, conclusion or summary.
  • Make your point in the introductory part: The introductory paragraph may be changing as the changes occur in your draft. Do not get away from the main idea. Always remember nothing is final unless submitted so there is a chance of rectification till the end.
  • Convince the reader: Your body of paragraphs should convince the readers that your approach is right. Try to highlight first sentence of all your paragraphs to make it an evidence for the matter contained in the paragraphs. Rest of the sentences explains the point contained in the paragraphs.
  • Build strong conclusion: The conclusion should be as strong as the introduction. This tells the reader that the writer knows how to end the paper impressively. The most popular approach for having strong conclusion is ROCC method. It can be described as:
    a. R – Restate your term statement.
    b. O – One important detail should be found in the last paragraph.
    c. C – Conclude the paragraph effectively.
    d. C – Clincher. It is that part where you give the reader that something is left to think about.
  • Show style wise citations: It is the identification of the citation style which your reader prefers. Do not use too many quotes as your opinions also matters. Avoid cutting and pasting other people’s arguments. Use only eminent personality’s quotes as ultimately people want to know your opinion.
  • Write crisply: Shape your sentences strongly and crisply. Try to avoid extra words in the sentence but do not drift away from the meaning.
  • Remove mistakes: Use proofreading software but try using your skills also.
  • Give catchy title: Try taking help from your group. They might give you a great title.

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