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Nowadays, online examination is getting popular. It is conducted by any authority to assess the performance of students online to avoid hassle of manual checking. In manual checking the tendency of human error and biasing is very common, so to avoid these hurdles, the system of online examination has been adopted. Various online help providers provide online exam help through online exam help assignments.

What is an online exam/test/quiz system?

In old times, students have to gather at one place and at the same time for the examination. To handle large amount of students became a headache to the authority. So online system was adopted in which a students can give exam through a computer device at any time and from any place. One needs a web browser and a good internet connection only for taking online exams or quizzes.

How it works?

There are two main persons associated with this system. One is the teacher or the course builder and the other is the exam builder. The teacher builds an internet account with the exam builder. The students are given a user name and password which they can use to access the exam. This can be done after obtaining the required fees from the student. The students sign up to the particular exam site. Then they enter their user name and password. After getting access, they are provided with the question paper which has to be solved within a stipulated time. The question papers are mostly multiple choice questions so that a definite answer is there. Online exam assignment provides an overview of this system.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online exam system?


  • The first and the topmost benefit of this system is the reduction in cost and time. This is from both the teacher’s and the students’ end.
  • The manual checking of examination papers is eliminated from this system. Instead a computer checks the papers and does it accurately. This has reduced the time considerably for the total examination and the result declaration.
  • Saving paper is also a main advantage of this system. Earlier each student was given a printed question paper. He was then handed the answer booklet. He wrote in that booklet and then handed it over to the examiner. The examiner then classified the answer sheets. This process was lengthy hence it took a long time for the compilation of the result. After examination result those papers became waste. Online exam system do not use paper hence it saves trees and hence environment.
  • The system saves time in distribution of the exam to the students. Just upload the email ids of the students about to take the exams and send the invite. After the exam the result can be declared instantly.
  • It saves money. You don’t have to rent or own a space. You don’t need to buy paper. You don’t spend money on logistics. You don’t have to assemble students at a particular place. Students from unreachable area can also take exams. This saves them money too.
  • It is a secure system. There is a huge question bank from which the questions are randomly chosen and given to the students. This eliminates any chance of copying or cheating or sharing of the questions. You can’t do it on paper.


  • There is no control or check on the students taking the exams. So you have to select question for which instant answers from books or internet are not available. You have to put timer to each question so that nobody can help out the students.
  • This system is prone to fraud. Providing random question paper sets can sort this out. Providing instant result can also overcome the problem of fraud. Release the answer key after the exam so that the students do not challenge your result.

How to get Online Exam/Test/Quiz Help from professionals?

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