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What is Marketing Mix?

Marketing Mix refers to the tactics that a company uses in order to promote its product or brand. Originally the Marketing Mix Elements consisted of the 4Ps of Marketing: Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. These days, the definition has expanded to include other Ps like Packaging, People, Positioning and even Politics. All the elements that make up the marketing mix have a huge influence on the business plan. If handled right, it can lead to great success. But to achieve the optimum marketing mix, a lot of market research is needed.

  • Price: It refers to the value that is decided for a product. It can depend on a variety of factors and there can be various pricing strategies depending on the overall business plan.
  • Product: It refers to the item being sold and must deliver a minimum level of performance.
  • Place: The right place where the product is sold is very important and many times a premium is paid for the perfect location.
  • Promotion: It refers to advertising, marketing schemes, press reports, incentives etc. to woo the customer towards the product.

These 4Ps are interdependent on each other and this is what is studied in the marketing mix.

1. Marketing Mix Course: This course helps students view the marketing mix of a company in accordance with its strategy. It prepares students who, in future in their corporate avatars need to look at the firm as a whole. Such professionals would be product managers, consultants, investment analysts and even entrepreneurs. It helps students of this course identify, evaluate and develop marketing strategies and evaluate a firm’s opportunities. It helps students identify the interdependence among the 4Ps and in the modern world, the 7Ps and how a change in one P and affect the equilibrium of the rest. With market conditions that change very fast and intense competition, this course prepares students to plan the right mix.

Skillset acquired by students during this course:

Students will pick up a number of skills during this course that will enable them to succeed in their venture, whether as an entrepreneur or as an employee of a company. It helps in undertaking crucial and critical tasks like competitor analysis which will enable a business to do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. The impact of external factors like changes in the economic, social and political conditions and their impact on business are also learned apart from learning about the Elements of the Marketing Mix. It also helps students of marketing understand buying patterns and attitudes. A change in the buying patterns and attitudes of consumers directly impacts the marketing mix strategy of a firm.

Difficulties or stumbling blocks faced by students during this course:

Doing a marketing course requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Many of the students enrolled could be already working professionals and thus hard pressed for time. With assignments and projects to be submitted and exams to be studied for, the course can prove to be very demanding. This is where World Assignment Help steps in. With a panel of subject experts who are highly skilled in their own subject areas, students can be assured of top quality marketing mix assignment help.
In today’s ultra-competitive world, perfect marketing is the key to success. This is what students learn during this particular module of their marketing course. The 4Ps have now expanded to the 7Ps. This just goes to show that complexity in every aspect of life is on the rise. World Assignment Help with its team of dedicated and skilled writers who have practical and hands-on experience strives to reduce this complexity in a marketing student’s life by providing them online assignment help for marketing mix subject at every stage where required.

Benefits of availing the services of World Assignment Help:

The work is always submitted on time and a provision is made for students to check the status of their work. The experts even provide Online Marketing Mix Assignment Help. The pricing is done in such a way that it imposes no unnecessary financial burden on the student. Since quality standards are high, plagiarism is frowned upon. Customer care and support staff works around the clock to ensure a stress-free environment for the students. With secure payment gateways also comes the guarantee of top quality work being delivered on time so that deadlines are met.
Thus, for students of marketing, World Assignment Help comes as a boon to reduce some of their stress and provide 4ps marketing mix assignment writing help whenever required.

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