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There are many forms of taxation in Australia. Individuals and companies are required to pay taxes to all levels of the government named as local, state and federal governments. Taxes are collected by the government to provide public services and redistribution of economic wealth.
The most important tax in Australia is Income Tax. It is collected by the federal government through the Australian Taxation Office. The GST revenue is collected by the Federal government and then given to the states under a distribution formula which is decided by the Commonwealth Grants Commission.
As compared to other developed and wealthy countries Australia imposes a relatively lower tax burden on its citizens.

The significance of doing the Australian Taxation Law course:

Students who do this course develop and sharpen their legal skills in reading, understanding and applying complex and dynamic legislation, case materials and taxation rulings. The students develop the ability to analyze legal problems and are able to express themselves in a precise manner.
This course provides students with a firm base regarding the understanding of the principles of taxation. It provides an in-depth analysis of the statutory provisions of the Capital Gains Tax and the Fringe Benefits Tax. While this course does not specifically analyze the Goods and Services Tax Act 2000, the impact of GST is considered in relation to areas of taxation.

Skills gained during the course:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Australian taxation laws.
  • Research complex problems related to Australian Taxation Law.
  • They are able to demonstrative appropriate skills for legal and non-legal audiences through advising hypothetical clients.

Problems or roadblocks faced by students during this course:

Studying taxation and its myriad laws are never easy. This is a rigorous course requiring students to put in long hours. They are also required to deal with hypothetical clients so that they gain an idea about the real world. This leaves them with very little time for completing assignments and homework on time.
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